ChainIDE Privacy Policy

Updated as of 10/1/2024

  • A. Introduction

    Matrix Global Inc. ("we," "us," or the "ChainIDE") is committed to safeguarding your privacy and adheres to the protection of your personal information through the guidelines outlined in this policy.

    This policy delineates how we collect, use, disclose, and secure the personal information of users ("You" or the “user”). It details the types of information that may be collected from you or that you provide while interacting with our Website or through various communication channels, including email, social media, and other means of communication. It further explains our procedures for acquiring, utilizing, preserving, safeguarding, deleting, and revealing that information.

    We pledge to employ your personal information strictly following the guidelines laid out in this policy, unless otherwise mandated by applicable law. Measures are taken to ensure that the personal information we collect about you is appropriate, pertinent, not excessive, and used for specific and limited purposes.

  • B. Information Collection

    1.        Types of Information Collected

    At ChainIDE, we collect a range of information to provide and improve our services:

           Personal Information: Users voluntarily provide personal details during account creation, which may include but are not limited to name, email address, contact details, and additional profile information that users choose to disclose for personalized service delivery.

           Usage Data: We gather data related to user interaction with the platform. This includes preferences, settings, session durations, feature usage, and specific actions taken within ChainIDE. This information helps us to understand user behavior and preferences, facilitating service improvement and customization.

           Technical Information: We automatically collect technical details for system administration and enhancing user experience. This information may encompass IP addresses, device-related information (such as device type, and operating system), browser type, and other related data. This technical information aids in providing a seamless and optimized experience while using ChainIDE.

    2.        Information Sources

    The information collected by ChainIDE stems from diverse sources to ensure the provision of services and enhance user experiences:

           User-provided Information: Users directly contribute information during the registration process, account setup, or while engaging with the platform's functionalities. This includes details voluntarily furnished by users, such as personal identification, contact information, and specific preferences or settings chosen while using ChainIDE.

           Automated Data Collection: In addition to information directly provided by users, ChainIDE automatically gathers data from user interactions with the website. This includes the use of cookies and similar technologies to capture information regarding user preferences, session duration, and platform usage patterns. These technologies allow us to improve services, customize user experiences, and analyze usage patterns to enhance our platform's functionality.

    3.        Automatically Collected Information (Such as Cookies and Analysis Data)

    At ChainIDE, we employ various technologies to automatically gather information crucial for improving our services and enhancing user experiences. This includes, but is not limited to:

           Cookies for Enhanced Functionality: Cookies are utilized to track user preferences, settings, and interaction patterns with the platform. Introducing a feature within the ChainIDE platform, we present a cookie modal to users when they visit the website for the first time. Users are requested to provide their consent, and if they choose not to, access to ChainIDE will be restricted. These cookies aid in customizing and enhancing the functionality of ChainIDE, providing a personalized and efficient experience for our users.

           Analytical Data for Service Optimization: In addition to cookies, we collect and analyze data to better understand user behavior, preferences, and interactions. This analytical data is pivotal in optimizing our services, tailoring user experiences, and ensuring the security and integrity of the platform. It helps us in making data-driven decisions to enhance the functionality and security measures of ChainIDE.

    These technologies and data collection methods are essential for offering personalized experiences, improving services, and ensuring the security and efficiency of ChainIDE. We prioritize the protection and responsible use of this data, adhering to our Privacy Policy to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of user information.

  • D. Information Sharing

    1.        Sharing Information with Third Parties

    At ChainIDE, information sharing with third parties occurs in the following contexts and for specific purposes:

           Service Providers: We may share information with reputable service providers who assist in delivering services or performing functions on behalf of ChainIDE. These service providers are selected based on their trustworthiness and ability to maintain the confidentiality and security of the shared information. Such sharing ensures the efficient provision of services, maintenance of the platform, or other designated functionalities.

           Legal Compliance: In instances where necessary, information may be shared to comply with legal obligations, regulations, or governmental requests. This sharing is conducted with strict adherence to legal requirements and is carried out in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

           Partnerships and Collaborations: Information sharing may occur in partnership scenarios or collaborations where user consent has been obtained. These partnerships are formed to enhance user experiences, offer additional features, or provide collaborative services. Users' consent is a fundamental requirement in such scenarios, ensuring transparency and user control over shared information.

    The sharing of information in these defined circumstances is conducted with the utmost consideration for user privacy, security, and legal compliance. ChainIDE is committed to ensuring that any shared information is handled responsibly and in alignment with our Privacy Policy.

    2.        Purposes of Information Sharing

    The sharing of information at ChainIDE serves distinct and significant purposes, ensuring the platform's efficiency, security, and legal compliance:

           Service Enhancement: Information sharing is integral to our commitment to improve and efficiently deliver our services. Collaborative efforts through shared information with select third parties contribute to the enhancement of functionalities, user experiences, and the continuous improvement of services offered by ChainIDE.

           Security Measures: Collaboration with trusted third parties assists us in maintaining and fortifying security measures. Shared information helps in identifying potential vulnerabilities, implementing security enhancements, and safeguarding the integrity of the platform. This collaboration is fundamental in ensuring the robustness of security protocols for the protection of user data and the platform's infrastructure.

           Legal and Regulatory Compliance: There are circumstances where sharing information is necessary to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. This includes responding to legal obligations or governmental requests. Information shared in such instances is in strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards to meet legal and regulatory responsibilities.

    The purposes behind information sharing at ChainIDE are fundamental to the efficient operation, security, and compliance of the platform. We prioritize responsible sharing practices that uphold user privacy, security, and legal compliance in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  • E. Data Protection

    1.        Data Security Measures

    At ChainIDE, robust data security measures are employed to ensure the protection and integrity of user information. These measures include:

           Encryption Techniques: We employ advanced encryption methods to secure data during transmission and storage. Encryption helps safeguard user data by encoding it in a manner that can only be accessed by authorized entities, ensuring confidentiality and integrity throughout its lifecycle within ChainIDE.

           Access Controls: Rigorous access controls are implemented to restrict data access solely to authorized personnel within ChainIDE. These controls are designed to ensure that sensitive information is accessible only by individuals with the appropriate permissions, limiting the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

           Regular Assessments and Audits: ChainIDE conducts frequent assessments and audits to identify, address, and mitigate potential security risks. These evaluations are instrumental in proactively identifying vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with security standards, and continually enhancing our security protocols to maintain a high level of protection for user data.

    These comprehensive data security measures at ChainIDE are fundamental to our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of user information. Our efforts align with industry best practices and regulatory standards, reflecting our dedication to safeguarding user privacy as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

    2.        Data Retention Periods

    At ChainIDE, data retention periods are carefully defined to align with user expectations and operational requirements. The retention periods for different types of data are as follows:

           User Account Information: Data associated with user accounts is retained for the duration of the user's account existence or as long as necessary to provide services, unless a user requests its deletion. Upon the closure or deletion of an account, relevant personal data is securely removed or anonymized in accordance with our deletion procedures.

           Usage Information: Usage data may be retained for analytical and operational purposes. However, wherever feasible, this data is either anonymized or deleted after the necessary analysis is completed. Anonymization or deletion ensures that personally identifiable information is not retained unnecessarily, thereby preserving user privacy.

    These defined data retention periods at ChainIDE are aligned with the principles of data minimization and user privacy. We strive to retain data only for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy, and promptly secure its removal or anonymization when it is no longer required for those purposes.

  • F. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

    1.        Use of Cookies

    ChainIDE utilizes cookies and similar tracking technologies to serve various purposes aimed at optimizing user experiences and platform functionality:

           Functionality Enhancement: Cookies play a pivotal role in enhancing functionality and user experience on the ChainIDE platform. These cookies are used to remember user preferences, settings, and choices, thereby facilitating a more streamlined and personalized user experience during their interactions with our services.

           Analytics and Service Improvement: Cookies are employed for analytical purposes to gain insights into user interactions, behavior, and patterns within the platform. The information gathered through these cookies is utilized to analyze usage trends, optimize services, and continually improve our platform's functionalities to better cater to user needs and preferences.

    These uses of cookies at ChainIDE are aimed at providing an optimized and personalized experience for users while ensuring their data is handled responsibly in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Users have the option to manage cookie preferences or settings through their browser or device settings.

    2.        User Choices and Controls

    Users at ChainIDE are provided with a range of choices and controls concerning cookies and tracking technologies, empowering them to manage their preferences effectively:

           Cookie Preferences Management: Users have the autonomy to manage their cookie preferences through browser settings. This enables users to control and customize their preferences, allowing them to accept, reject, or delete cookies as per their individual preferences. By adjusting their browser settings, users can tailor their cookie settings in line with their privacy choices.

           Opt-out Options for Tracking Technologies: ChainIDE offers users the ability to opt out of specific tracking technologies by adjusting their preferences within the platform's settings or via their browser settings. This option allows users to exercise greater control over the types of tracking technologies used, providing them with the flexibility to align the technologies used with their individual privacy preferences.

    Empowering users with these choices and controls ensures that they have the flexibility to personalize their experiences and manage their privacy preferences within the ChainIDE platform. We are committed to transparency and providing users with the tools necessary to control their data and privacy effectively.

  • G. User Rights

    1.        Access and Correction of Information

    Users of ChainIDE are granted the following rights regarding their personal information:

           Access to Personal Information: Users retain the right to request access to their personal information stored by ChainIDE and verify its accuracy. Upon such requests, ChainIDE is committed to providing a copy of the data within a reasonable timeframe. This access empowers users to review and confirm the accuracy and completeness of their personal information held by the platform.

           Correction of Personal Information: Users have the authority to rectify or update any inaccurate or outdated personal information maintained by ChainIDE. Users can submit requests for corrections to their information, and ChainIDE promptly reviews and addresses these requests. In the event of identified inaccuracies, ChainIDE will diligently update the information to ensure its accuracy and relevance.

    These rights ensure that users maintain control over their personal information, enabling them to access and rectify any inaccuracies or outdated data held by ChainIDE. ChainIDE is committed to promptly and efficiently addressing user requests while upholding the security and integrity of user data as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

    2.        Deletion of Information

    Users at ChainIDE retain the right to request the deletion of their personal information from our records under specific circumstances:

           Right to Erasure: Users have the right to request the erasure or deletion of their personal data held by ChainIDE. Upon receiving such a request, ChainIDE will comply unless retention of the data is deemed necessary for legal, regulatory, or legitimate business purposes as permitted by applicable privacy laws.

           Deletion Procedure: To initiate the process for data deletion, users can contact ChainIDE using the contact information provided in the Privacy Policy. Upon receipt of the deletion request, ChainIDE will handle and process these requests in strict adherence to applicable privacy laws and within a reasonable timeframe.

    ChainIDE is committed to respecting user rights regarding their personal information and will take appropriate steps to ensure the proper handling of deletion requests, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. The protection of user data and compliance with privacy regulations remain our primary considerations.

    3.        Complaints and Contact Information

    At ChainIDE, users are empowered to voice their concerns or seek assistance regarding privacy-related matters by utilizing the following avenues:

           Lodging Complaints and Privacy Concerns: Users have the right to file complaints or express any privacy-related concerns regarding the handling of their personal information. This can be done by contacting ChainIDE using the provided contact information detailed in the Privacy Policy. Users' concerns or complaints will be promptly acknowledged and diligently addressed to ensure user satisfaction and data privacy.

           Further Assistance and Guidance: Users are encouraged to seek further guidance, clarification, or additional assistance regarding privacy-related matters. ChainIDE offers users the opportunity to obtain support by reaching out through the contact information specified in the Privacy Policy. Our team is committed to promptly addressing user inquiries, providing assistance, and ensuring that privacy-related matters are resolved efficiently and effectively.

    By providing clear and accessible avenues for communication, ChainIDE is dedicated to fostering open dialogue, addressing concerns, and promptly resolving privacy-related issues to uphold our commitment to user privacy and satisfaction.

  • H. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    ChainIDE reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy periodically. Users will be notified of any material changes made to the Privacy Policy via a prominent notice on the ChainIDE website or through other communication channels. It is recommended that users review the Privacy Policy regularly to stay informed about how ChainIDE collects, uses, and protects personal information.

    Upon the implementation of any updates or modifications to the Privacy Policy, continued use of the ChainIDE platform implies acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy terms. If users disagree with any alterations, they should cease using ChainIDE's services and may request the deletion of their personal information as per the procedure outlined in the Privacy Policy.

  • I. Contact Us

    If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact ChainIDE using the following email: contact@chainide.com. Feel free to reach out to us via the provided email address for any questions or clarifications regarding the Privacy Policy or our practices concerning user privacy at ChainIDE.

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